Aufbaukurs Herbst 2018

The Aufbaukurs Herbst 2018, was a second part of the JuLeiCa leadership training program 2018 conducted by the Evangelische Jugend Dortmund – this time, I was a part of it. Me, this is Hannah Pandian, Indian South-North Volunteer from the Department of Ecumenism in the church of Dortmund.


Together with Jana Michler and Ariane Buchenau, i stayed in Evangelische Jugendbildungsstsätte Nordwalde. The first part of JuLeiCa was conducted earlier this year ‘Grundkurs Frühjahr 2018’.

Just like the name suggests The Youth department of the church are as energetic and enthusiastic, just like the youth, they not only managed to pull off a successful seminar but also knew how to place intense concepts into young minds.

The Aufbaukurs Herbst 2018, had 21 vibrant young youth participating in the 5-day seminar which included intense topics like Political Responsibilities, Gender equality, Diversity, Transculturality and Structures of the church along with a heap full of games joy and laughter, rekindling their minds. While discussing on diversity an extremely interesting yet thoughtful quote was put in front of us by Jana Michler ‘what if the world map (worldbuild/ picture of the world), is not the picture of the actual world’. Questions like this made the youth think and rethink on existing issues, problems and solutions, molding themselves into leaders. 

In role-plays and the development of microprojects, they admires the understanding of financial calculations and environmental concepts and raises legal questions. The course also included a theoretical and practical "exam" full of fun. The joyful seminar ends with a service on the subject of "hands" - a hand can not tie a knot.

The 5-day seminar employed deep roots into young minds, slowly molde them into responsible leaders rooted in Christ.

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Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag - Dortmund 2019

„Was für ein Vertrauen“ – unter dieser Losung werden 100.000 Menschen vom 19. bis 23. Juni 2019 in Dortmund den Deutschen Evangelischen Kirchentag feiern. 2.000 Veranstaltungen – Konzerte, Gottesdienste, Podien, Workshops und Diskussionen mit vielen prominenten Gästen – zu Themen wie Migration, Digitalisierung, sozialer Teilhabe und Europa warten darauf, entdeckt zu werden. Dabei sein lohnt sich!

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